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Just trying to clear up some confusion

Because this has been brought to my attention a couple of times, I finally took some time to do a bit of research.

There’s a rumor saying that Himaruya once stated on his blog that England [is gay and] has a crush on America. I managed to dig up a forum post that most likely started this rumor. It also mentions Sweden is gay for Finland and Liechtenstein is a virgin. The post itself lists no source as to where the information was found on the blog, although a couple people asked.

So I searched and searched his blog, and the memo pages, and the back ups I have from the old blog, and even the Japanese atwiki page for England, because they source everything…

But I couldn’t find a single mention even close to confirming any of the “translations” stated in that post.

I searched the Japanese for “Liechtenstein”, “Liechten”, “Sweden”, “Su-san”, and “England” (who had 10 pages of results on the fc2 blog, I checked them all), and I couldn’t find anything even similar to that post.

So for now I am listing this rumor as debunk for the following reasons:

  2. If it had been stated somewhere, it would’ve been REALLY BIG NEWS everyone would know. Not a rumor.
  3. The “translations”, which the OP claimed to get from Google Translate, are written way too well to be from Google Translate. Which could mean they were assembled from poor translations into something they’re not. BTW, a lot of Japanese words for “virgin” also mean “maiden”, which makes more sense for Liechtenstein IMHO, but considering I couldn’t find any entries referring to her as either of those (I double-checked), I have no context to base a decision on.

So unless someone can pull up a solid source confirming the translations of that post, this rumor is false.

07th Mar 2013 3:06pm 1 year ago 148 notes
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    Because this has been brought to my attention a couple of times, I finally took some time to do a bit of research....
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